Megan & Dave’s Wedding

Meghan Cody Amish Country Ohio Wedding

The Couple

Tell us a little about how you met

I was a senior in high school and had just added on a second job at a car dealership. Dave was a sophomore in college and was working as a lot attendant at that same dealership. He was good friends with the owner’s son so he had been working there since he was 14. He was a very sweet guy and I quickly formed a crush on him. Lucky for me he had a crush on me too. After a ton of visits to my desk and making small talk about accounting homework and the weather, he finally got up the nerve to ask me if I got a lunch break here (wanting to take me out to lunch). The funny thing is I did not get a lunch so I said no but he ended up asking me to dinner instead. The rest is history, after close to 4 years of dating, on my family trip to Hilton Head he finally asked me to marry him and I said YES!

Favorite moment of your wedding day

Our favorite moment was the first time we saw each other on our wedding day. We decided not to do a first look. We wanted to have that special moment of seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle. I chose to enter from the top of the staircase and make my way down the aisle from there. We both agree that in that moment nothing else mattered and all we could see was each other. It’s like tunnel vision and the only thing you can focus on is the person you love right in front of you. 

Why the Encore Hall?

We spent a month or two visiting every venue we could find. While each one was beautiful in its own way none of them felt like the one for us. The second we walked into the Encore Hall we knew it was the venue we had been searching for. It was the perfect blend of modern and rustic and they really thought of every detail. From the his and hers bridal suite to the barn doors at the top of the stairs. It was everything I wanted and more. All the staff we interacted with at the Encore were friendly and helpful. Isabelle, my event coordinator was always available when I needed her. The venue is connected to the hotel so my guests could walk straight from the reception to their room. A handful of my guests loved the Encore so much, they planned a trip back to spend a weekend in Amish country and stay at the hotel. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue and I would recommend the Encore to anyone who asked. 

The Dream Team

Encore Wedding Planner
Isabelle Fowler

Photography by Rhiannon

On The Mic

Precious Petals

Maggies Ottero Designs

Hair & Makeup
Erica at Ashleigh Scott Salon

Heidi Smith

Advice To Future Couples?

I will give the same advice that was given to me before our big day. With how quickly the day goes by it can become very easy to get swept into it. Before you know it the day has come and gone. At some point step aside and for a few moments just take it all in. About halfway through our reception Dave and I went to the top of the steps in the reception hall. We stood there for just a few minutes and took everything in. You spend all this time planning and stressing over your wedding day. It’s nice to step back and see everything come together as you planned. 

Photography courtesy of Photography by Rhiannon