Meghan & Cody’s Wedding

Meghan Cody Amish Country Ohio Wedding

The Couple

Tell us a little about how you met

Cody and I met through mutual friends! Cody’s childhood best friend became friends with my best friend’s husband (confusing, I know lol) so we initially met because we were the two single friends tagging along with the married couples! I’ll admit I think I was the one who fell for him first but was always too nervous to do anything about it, so luckily he made the first move. Now we’re incredibly blessed that that same group of friends has gotten even bigger and become what we all call our “framily” and they all made up the majority of our bridal party!

Favorite moment of your wedding day?

Aside from everyone’s favorite moment of a wedding when you’re finally announced husband and wife, I’d say our favorite moment of our wedding day was our bridal party entrance! We all entered down the stairs into the hall and standing at the top before we walked down gave Cody and I the chance to look out over the hall and see all the people there. We had a pretty big wedding, so it was amazing for us to take a second to see all the faces of our friends and family that had taken the time to come celebrate with us. If we had done it any other way, I don’t think we would have been able to truly appreciate how many people were there!

Why the Encore Hall?

We could NOT be happier that we had our wedding at Encore. The entire location, both inside and out, is absolutely beautiful! But even more important than that the staff. They will go above and beyond to make every part of the planning process and wedding day smooth and enjoyable! The coordinators were such a blessing in helping us find vendors, organize the hall, and overall making our wedding day as stress free as possible. There will always be one specific memory of our wedding day that will be the number one reason I would recommend Encore. We had initially planned to have our ceremony outside by the pond, and the reception in the hall. Everything was great until about 30 minutes before the ceremony music was supposed to start when it started raining. I so badly wanted to have our ceremony outside so I didn’t want to make the decision to move it into the hall unless I absolutely had to. Unfortunately, that meant that decision was made about 5 minutes before the music started and guests arrived. In that time every member of the Encore staff jumped into action. Within minutes they had transformed our reception set up into a beautiful ceremony set up (this was no joke, tables were moved, curtains were set up to make a nice back drop for our ceremony, arches were brought in and someone even ran out in the pouring rain to get the flowers that were outside for the ceremony so they could be added to the inside). I could not be more grateful for all their instant work to make our plan B just as perfect as plan A would have been. We will forever love every second of our wedding day and owe a lot of that to Encore!

The Dream Team

Encore Wedding Planner
Isabelle Fowler

Madison Braun

Drew Litty’s

Karen Addington

Essence of Australia

Advice To Future Couples?

Our best advice to future couples would be don’t sweat the small things, both on your wedding day and in life! There are way too many great things happening and too many moments you’ll want to remember and enjoy to dwell on things that might not go exactly how you planned. Enjoy your big day and embrace everything life brings you and it will all work out the way it’s supposed to in the end! 

Photography courtesy of Madison Braun Photography